Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most common questions we get asked about insurance and claims processes.

Who does an insurance broker represent?

We represent you as our client not the insurer, we are not an agent.

Do I have to pay to get a quote?

No, we will gather preliminary information and provide an offer at no cost to you.

What insurers do you use?

We have full market capability and utilise most major Australian regulated insurers including
Lloyds markets.

What is the benefit of a broker?

We will provide you with personal advice and recommendations aiming to achieve the best outcome and provide you with advocacy and assistance at claim time.

Will you always provide us the best possible price?

Pricing is always an important factor, we will recommend the best products and cover for your needs, providing you with the best solution and a good outcome generally does not come at the lowest price.

Will you provide us with advice?

Yes, we will provide you with advice such as policies that suit your needs, adequate sums insured, your legal requirements and major policy conditions and exclusions.

How are you paid?

We are paid either via brokerage (commission) which ranges from 0-25% depending on the type of policy, this is based on the premium before charges such as GST and Stamp Duty. Our margin may be shown on our documentation if legally required. We also may charge fees in lieu of commission or in addition to it depending on the amount of work we do or potentially during the policy period.

Do you look after business and client’s interstate?

Yes, we have capability to look after this and we normally travel regularly to most states.

Do you charge for claims work?

For clients where we have arranged the policy generally not as we factor this into how we are paid. In some cases, we spend many hours providing advocacy and claims services and where a case warrants, we will do this at no additional cost to you.

If we need to make a claim who manages the process?

We as the broker will provide you with advice, we will likely need information from you however we manage the claim process for you.

Do you have a particular specialty?

Yes, SME (Small Medium Enterprise) business.

What type of business or organisations do you insure?

Retail, Manufacturing, Medical and Professional Services, Community Services, Primary Production/Farming/Agriculture, Hospitality, Sporting or Religious Organisations, Trades Building and Construction, Personal Services, Motor Trades.

We haven’t had an insurance question that’s stumped us yet.

Or if you’d like more information, or to ask any questions at all about your circumstances, options or support available, please get in touch with us for a free no-obligation discussion.